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Ignition Repairs and Replacement

Is your car refusing start? Have you tried the push-to-start fobs multiple times to no avail? Ignition issues are one of the most common problems that car and motorcycle owners experience.
When the ignition fails to work, most vehicle owners get their vehicle batteries replaced, thinking it will solve the problem.
But this seldom helps.

In most cases, an ignition problem requires you to have your ignition switch repaired or replaced.
At Car Keys Solution, we specialize in auto lock repairs and replacement.
You can contact us for
ignition repairs and replacement.

Main ignition problems we repair:

  • Attempted Vehicle Theft
  • Wrong Key Inserted into Keyway
  • Worn out or Jammed lock
  • Worn Out Key 
  • Transponder Key No Longer work
  • Ignition not turning
  • Broken key inside ignition
  • Key Fails to Come Out
  • And more...

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Ignition is not turning ?! We have a solution

Ignition switch repairs take just about 30 minutes.
Once the parts are identified, repairs take just a handful of minutes to complete.

Wile ignition repairs are good for your car, they are helpful only when there is a minor problem and if the car is relatively new.
An ignition replacement is a much better option if your car is older or if you frequently experience ignition problems.

At Car Keys Solution, we have extensive experience providing auto locksmith services and will have your ignition replaced and running in 20 minutes.

  • Common vehicles with factory related ignition problems are Honda after 2003, Ford Focus, Nissan Sentra, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Chevrolet Cavalier

 Ignition Repair Tips:

Parking Brake

make sure your gear is in parking

Jiggling the Steering Wheel

Try turning your car’s steering wheel


Check your car key. Does it lie completely flat?

Clean the Lock

Try lubricate and clean the lock

Get your ignition lock cylinder repaired by the specialists

Imagine you’re setting out on a holiday in your car. You put the key in the ignition and turn. But nothing happens.
Instead you notice that the key is jammed in the ignition. This is an all-too-familiar story for most of us.

Ignition lock cylinders can get jammed due to multiple reasons starting from lack of lubrication to a warped key.
With the right
auto locksmiths by your side, you can have your ignition lock cylinder taken care of.

The team at Car Keys Solution specializes in ignition lock cylinder repair and replacement.
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Ignition Repairs
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